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  1. Peter Heinrich Scholl
    January 25, 2024 @ 9:42 am

    This bill in its present form is TOTALLY unacceptable. Declaration of an emergency must be based on adherence to strict conditions that MUST be satisfied.
    Furthermore it must have a provision that people may take measurements to protect their properties individually as well as jointly WITHOUT government interference.
    Failure to incorporate above changes is pure TYRANNY.


  2. Jacquelyn Rose
    January 25, 2024 @ 1:33 pm

    Hi, I went to the bcgov site to submit a comment on the illegality of the new EM act; however, looks like the only “engagement” they are inviting is for POST emergency issues around finance.

    Did i miss something? I don’t give a shit about their post emerg finance but do care about our ability to protect our property and to not be denied access to it by unlawful decrees.

    thanks, jacquelyn rose, vernon bc


  3. William Devries
    January 25, 2024 @ 9:28 pm

    These bureaucrats that are having so much fun putting this together, will regret having put their off spring in the crosshairs. Wont take to many years ti realize that . Former PM of England once said , you can vote socials ( communism ) in , however you will need to shoot your way out .


  4. Dennis Weigel
    January 28, 2024 @ 4:43 pm

    I say this qualifies all these bureaucrats for a trip to GITMO Gallows along with the WEF and Klaus (slob) Schwab at the front of the line. “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY”…I don’t think so Klaus! It’s time for the power of the UNITED people to stand up and push back. This INSANITY needs to be stopped at all levels. The people who push this BS on humanity, communities and individuals need to be called out and drug into the light to expose their ultimate agenda.
    FREEDOM must be defended at all costs.
    It seems common sense is a rare commodity anymore.


  5. JW
    February 2, 2024 @ 5:06 am

    I was doing emergency management with CAF domestic operations from 2021-22. I worked the wildfires and the BC floods in Nov 2021. This was all during the “pandemic”. In 2021 the provinces had already re-affirmed their respective Emergency Program Acts and I was waiting with bated breath to see if they would use it during their contrived covid emergency.

    Any emergency still had to abide by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This new act based on the globalist UN Sendai Framework outstrips the power of the previous and appears to undermine the Charter completely.


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